Jamie is a scientist with a PhD, a badass athlete and now, Heartcore's newest instructor.

Jamie is an athlete that dabbled in a lot of different sports over the years, but her major loves were track and field, rugby, boxing, and weightlifting/body building. Since moving to the Bay Area, she continued her athletic adventures with open water swims, road biking and trail running. When she discovered Heartcore, she instantly was hooked due to the intense burn she felt in her core, legs, glutes… everywhere in fact! After a couple months of Heartcore, she noticed her muscular endurance improved, her long runs became longer and she even recently hit a PR in a 5K and 10K, even though she’s only running once to twice a week. Not only is she feeling stronger, but she’s performing in competition better than ever too. 

As an instructor, Jamie is excited to share her love of sports and athletic activities with the Heartcore community. Her positive and encouraging coaching will push you to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.